Let’s make a cyberdeal… with your local photographer!


So in the midst of all that craziness ‘out there’ (this is assuming you are, as you should be, reading this while shopping online in your cozies w/ a cup of fuzzy cocoa and a warm cat), let’s not forget your oh-so-favorite photographer.

And don’t forget me, either.

For reals… if you ARE interested in the beautiful gift of photography… well, I certainly do have a deal or two for you.

Going to keep it super simple this year. Each of these deals is good as long as you send me an e-mail between friday and tuesday. You can TOTALLY do that! Who needs another X-box, anyway? Will you ever hang that x-box on a wall for your children and grandchildren and great grandchildren to see?

Alright, alright, on to the deals.


Check out the details on our downtown series here, and just take 20% off all pricing you see on that page. These images come in everything from small postcards to large canvases; they make pretty sweet gifts (and nice decor for your walls).

squares layout for downtown joplin series
#2: 15% off commercial rates (for the first session) for any business, publication, or marketing firm that has not previously worked with us.

#3:for every $1 you spend toward a gift certificate, we’ll add .50. ($100 spent = $150 credit).

only stipulation is that you can’t use it on yourself. 🙂 And think on this… fantastic gift, ya know?

joplin missouri springfield mo family photographer 9art photography- back to school mini sessions_0002b

#4: wall portraits (16 x 24 or larger) & high res disks at 50% off. (for PRE-orders from sessions that have not yet taken place; and for ‘catch up’ orders on sessions that took place before September, 2014. Not applicable to sessions that took place after August & before December).


#5: ALL third thursday photobooth prints, 50% off! ($20 order minimum).

9art photobooth for 'third thursday' in joplin, mo- gatsby 1920s themed photo booth_0005b

That’s all folks. Don’t forget to spend some family time and all that jazz. Hope you all had an awesome thanksgiving… talk to you soon.


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