Hey you guys…. mini sessions!!!!

mini sessions- june

Once… maybe twice… every year, 9art busts out the mini sessions. They are mini pieces of awesome.

Why? Well, let’s be blunt. They’re cheaper. Not an event that you have to work quite so hard at saving for. But you still get some really great pictures out of the deal.

Here’s the breakdown, Joplin:

My main thing… what I REALLY get excited about… are full sessions. a ‘full’ session means one in which we figure out some unique, and possibly crazy concepts and locations to base a shoot around. We take our time, we plan out where, and what is going on in that shoot and it’s very personal to you and it’s very artistic in nature.

It’s the kind of shoot that may not happen every year… and when it does happen, we talk about bigger purchases, like session books and wall portraits… keepsakes for life and for the lives beyond your own, with specialized images to keep in your family for decades to come.
Full sessions might result in shots like this,

or this-
adara's bookbrush- concept fairytale image from southwest mo commercial photographer 9art photography

A mini session, on the other hand, is short and sweet. We stick to one location… something simple… and we focus on a 10-15 minute time slot. That time is just focused on your kiddo, not the whole family, and rather than talking about the higher end of products, we keep it simple.

Here’s a couple of shots from mini sessions last year…



We have two easy options for packages. They are as follows:

#1:  mini session w/ prints: $100

  • sitting fee included                                                                                                                                                                              
  • one 8 x 10
  • one 5 x 7
  • two 4 x 6    

#2: mini session w/ digital images: $150

  • sitting fee included
  • 5 high res digital images included

And of course, you can add on any other products you like, ‘a la carte’.

Interested? Just drop me a line… mr9schwander@gmail.com.

The times are, June 12th from 3-6pm, & June 13th from 10:30am to 1pm. Since I’d love to do these sessions in a more natural setting, we will be at the mercy of the weather, so stay tuned for backup dates if it gets rainy.

Can’t make one of those times? Get ahold of me and I’ll see if we can’t find another time that week that will work for you.

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