While, I kinda dropped off the face of the earth there for a little bit… ok, not really… but that’s certainly how it feels when you’re off for two weeks and are missing your phone for most of it.

The time off was planned, the phone absence wasn’t… I learned a great life lesson, which is never to underestimate the power of a kiddie ride at worlds of fun. The tiny semi I stuffed myself into (because my 4 year old daughter was 2 inches too short to ride anything on her own) may not LOOK like it’s going to go very fast. But that doesn’t mean it can’t suddenly lurch forward with incredible velocity, throwing your phone out of your hand and on to the tiny tiny track where it it will run over said phone 5 times before the ride is over…

But that’s not to complain. It was no FANCY vacation, but taking two weeks with my family- some of it away, some of it at home- was much needed and very good for me and mine. I read (like, a whole book), water parked, swam, fished, played board games, introduced my kids to Andy Griffith and ‘Star Trek:Next Generation’ and ate more greasy spoon breakfasts than I care to confess to.

Anyway. I’m back in business, literally and figuratively, with a new (old) phone in hand and plenty of work in front of me to catch up. The first thing to catch up on is letting you guys know what’s going on. So here’s a couple of announcements, especially for folks in the Joplin, MO area this week:

#1:: I HAVE A SHOW! 

9-low res

I’ve kept pretty quiet about it until now, but I have my first solo show in over 10 years (yep, since college), hanging RIGHT NOW at Joplin Ave Coffee Co in downtown Joplin. I’m so excited to be able to say that. A big, big thanks to Cleo’s framing, Cherry’s framing, and especially to Shaun Conroy from Spiva for helping me get everything matted and hung.

So yeah. Stop by and see it. I would post pictures, but then you wouldn’t have to go see it, would you? 😉

The show will hang for the entire month of August, so if you don’t make it in for the art walk, you’ve still got plenty of time to take look at it.


Tomorrow marks the second ‘1st thursday’ art walk this year, and I’ll be present at Spiva Center for the Arts with my photobooth. This months’ theme is ‘superhero’… an old favorite of everyone’s, with a prize this time going to the best original costume idea. Of course, we’ll have plenty of props on hand, as always…

3TH- 2015, 08aug superhero



It’s crazy to think that school is almost here and I’m even mentioning anything about fall, but… well, it’s not too far away and it wouldn’t hurt to start thinking about it if you’ve considered booking a portrait session this fall. You can take a look my main site for more info about that.

That’s all for now… new shoots and announcements are rolling in soon, so keep an eye out!


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