film noir photobooth

The ‘film noir’ theme is probably my favorite for the photobooth. I get to pay tribute to film noir and also prep for a NEW SHOW (this is my sneaky announcement) in October featuring work from the project ‘cold brewed‘. The show will be up for the entire month of October at the Post Memorial Art Library, located in the Joplin library.

For the ‘booth, I used bare bulb flash for that shadowy look, lots of trench coats and fedoras, and some willing regulars… thanks, as always to Spiva Center for the Arts for graciously hosting the event.

sept film noir photobooth-15 sept film noir photobooth-1 sept film noir photobooth-5 sept film noir photobooth-6 sept film noir photobooth-16 sept film noir photobooth-8 sept film noir photobooth-12 sept film noir photobooth-22 sept film noir photobooth-25 sept film noir photobooth-28 sept film noir photobooth-32

I love that my buddy Shaun looks like an insane Dicky-Tracy-villain-mugshot here…

sept film noir photobooth-34

We got bored at one point when there was a lull in people traffic.  So using available models (Shaun, who works at Spiva, and Tatum, my delightful assistant for the night) and taking advantage of Spiva’s amazing retro doors, we took a few stills…

….which proggressively became less moody and more cartoonish as time went on…

sept film noir photobooth-35sept film noir photobooth-43 sept film noir photobooth-47 sept film noir photobooth-53

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