santabooth flyer

….are usually a dreaded experience. Right, parents?

Well, not this time. These are NOT your mall santa photos. What makes them different?

#1: Our santa is awesome. This is the guy who’s played Santa for Cabela’s & Hallmark. He knows his santa. 


#2: it’s downtown. That’s fun. Columbia Traders’ church is our gracious host… right within the heart of main street, 420 s main. While we do have a $20 order minimum, there’s no “sitting fee” and 10% of our proceeds go directly back into downtown, through the lovely Downtown Joplin Alliance.

#3: I love taking photos. These are professional. We take our time, we get it right, we take a photo that’s worth remembering.

#4: Joplin folks love the photobooth. This time, I want to incorporate that off-the-cuff, spontaneous, goofy feel into the photos, for those that love that. (and for those photobooth regulars that don’t have kids, yes, you can come too… and bring your ugly sweaters with you)!

So this year, the photos really take the tone that you want. If you want them to be calm santa photos, that’s what they are. If you’d like them to take a crazier, sillier tone (like the photobooth), then we’ll have the props on hand… and our santa can be pretty goofy, believe you me. Think of him as the greatest prop 0f all…


Thanks to the wonderful Traders Church for hosting us this year, and to 12eighty-one photography for partnering with us- they’re covering a third date on December 12th.

santa 1

Our dates: December 1st, 6-8pm (night of the Joplin Christmas parade)
December 4th, 5-7pm (Friday evening)

All other info can be found here (feel free to copy these sheets and fill them out beforehand if you plan to come!)

All questions can be directed to (I’ll be out of the office this week but checking through e-mails first thing on Monday).

Santa Order Forms v2Santa Order Forms v2


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