2015 seasonal deals

Hey guys! Keeping things simple this year. Here’s all the 9art deals we’ve got going on… good from today through (cyber)Monday.

Some of these are more to benefit existing clients; others will be great for those who want to give 9art a try (or, those who want to give the gift of 9art).

Just e-mail mark@9artphoto.com before December 1st to qualify!



  • 25% off 2016 gift certificates ($15 buys $20)
  •  $500 for a 2016 session + high res disk
  •  All 2014/2015 photobooth prints 1/2 off ($20 minimum)
  •  2014/2015 session books 1/2 off (grandma wants one)
  •  high res disk from any pre-2015 session for $200
  •  2016 mini session (10mn session) + high res disk (2-3 images) for $100


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