The Joplin Undercurrent




I talked a fair amount about this project earlier last year, but it got to that funny point that I’d worked on it so long I stopped talking about it. Now, almost exactly a year since we started shooting the thing, I’m excited to say it’s here.

The Joplin Undercurrent is a photonovel- a medium originated by Lance Schaubert and myself (beginning with ‘Cold Brewed’, now free on i-Tunes)- that combines words and pictures into a unique cinematic experience (minus the motion).


[above photo is Lance & I ‘on set’, unable to abstain from trying on the legit costumes for a historical scene]

This photo novel was produced by the Joplin Convention & Visitors Bureau, and tells a story for my city- Joplin, Missouri- fusing fiction and reality, history and mystery.

The first installment of the Joplin Undercurrent will be released online on January 19th. That’s NEXT WEEK, guys.

Subsequent chapters will be released for several weeks after this. It’s all free and super easy to follow…just click below to check out the  poster images and to subscribe so you’re the first to see the opening chapters.


For the moment, I’m more than excited to release this set of posters for the project. Design work by the talented Lauren White. Posters feature our leads- Lauden Baker, Kolourz Voss, and Muchengetwa Bgoni.

joplinundercurrentposters-cryptcvb-low resjoplinundercurrentposters-geocvb_lowresjoplinundercurrentposters-kidcvb_low res

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