It’s here (photo novel release)


It’s here.

14 months of work.

51 actors.

7+ script revisions  (meaning hundreds of writing hours for my co-director Lance).

9,647 photos taken (narrowed to hundreds actually used in the final project).

elaborate prop lists, shooting schedules, casting calls, location scouts, budget breakdowns, conference calls, design experiments, and beta reader notes.

joplin undercurrent outtake- lance throws the script away

The Joplin Undercurrent‘ is, hands down, the biggest project I’ve taken on in my career, more elaborate even than ‘Cold Brewed’, the last photonovel project that Lance Schubert and I collaborated on.

Many, many thanks to our producer, Carrie Puffinbarger, and to Patrick and the rest of the team at the Joplin Convention & Visitors Bureau for believing in Lance & I and trusting us to create an out-of-the-box art/promotional piece for the city of Joplin.

joplin photonovel ch 1106

There are no moving visuals in this piece, only stationary ones, but I know a lot better now what film production feels like. And Lance & I know better how to tell this particular genre of story- the photonovel- as we can now tuck 2 of these things under our belt.

2016 is off to a sweet start.

joplin photonovel outtakes- lance & dena doing makeup

You can read chapters 1-3 in the Joplin Undercurrent right now. More to come as the chapters are dropped digitally, for free, over the next few weeks. You can also catch our last project, Cold Brewed, for free on iTunes for a limited time.

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