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9art / Mark N


This is the final post of this blog.

And this post is the first official product of a break-up.


bicycle lifestyle photo session for urban cycling ventures- joplin mo commercial photographer 9art_0010.jpg


It’s ok, it’s ok, no need to console… both parties decided it would be best. It was simply time for each to breathe on their own. Like McCartney and Lennon, like Disney and Pixar, or Ben Folds apart from his Five…

Wedding/family/senior Mark decided to continue on as he always has…. long known to the Joplin MO community as 9art photography.

But commercial/editorial/fine art (I’m out of slashes) photography Mark has been getting antsy and didn’t fit under the 9art profile anymore.

So Mark N photography was born. Largely, this new business presence exists to give more clarity to that line of work- so those who would seek to hire a photographer for commercial work in the midwest region, could see a brand dedicated solely to that. Many, many thanks to friend and mentor Brandon Hill for the advice on this move.

Some of you have noticed the new Mark N photography sneaking into social media- complete with a NEW blog, logo (thanks to the brilliant Matt Spiel), website, pretty much new everything- this will be the entity you call on if you’re coming from the business or entertainment world. For marketing campaigns, for magazine articles, for musician portraits, for professional storytelling work, all that kind of thing.

And 9art will keep on doing what its’ always done… the Joplin photobooth, senior photography, lifestyle family shoots, and of course, a wedding here and there.

If you’ve followed me in the past and feel like this is way too much to keep up with… no worries. You really only have to keep up with one business. I’ll keep updates for 9art going on facebook (if you like the work we’ve done for private clients) while Mark N is represented on twitter, instagram, and G+ (if you’re more interested in the commercial & artistic work). And honestly, this should be a lot less confusing for those who were really only interested in one portion of the business anyway.

live concert event photograph (CIY) by mark N photography

Either way, thanks for being here. I’d highly encourage you to make the transition with me, as I have no plans to stop blogging anytime soon… I just won’t be doing it through the 9art platform any more.


Excited for the next phase!