The photographer

My name is Mark Neuenschwander.

Whoa. Let’s stop there. I know that’s an overwhelming way to start.

It’s pronounced “9-shwander”.  Sound it out. Not nearly as bad as it looks.

Ok now? Whew, ok. Moving on. My name is Mark, and I shoot people. Which is not nearly as violently as it sounds, I swear.

My passion in life lies behind the lens. There are certainly a wide variety of things that catch my eye, but human beings are by far the most fascinating and amazing subjects to me. I also greatly enjoy the creative challenges of commercial photography for businesses wanting to think outside the box- this is an area of my business that is rapidly expanding.  And, when time allows, I like taking on massive and ridiculous personal photography projects like this one.

I’ve made a life of it here in little Joplin Missouri- a little city that’s thinking about becoming a big city. I feel like Joplin MO is a place in which we’ll see a cultural and artistic explosion in coming years, and I plan to stick around and contribute in whatever ways I can to the rapidly growing local artistic community.  In the meanwhile, I’ll be offering the people of this area fun stuff like third thursday photobooths,  representing the city visually by being the official photographer for the Joplin Convention & Visitors Bureau, and last but not least, providing a modern, honest, and very creative  brand of photography for families, kids, brides, and businesses.


I am a pretty easygoing guy, who receives daily inspiration from God- who has blessed me far beyond what I will ever deserve.  I am a husband, and a father… wait… this calls for a picture…


…sorry about that…

… and I am addicted to movies, receiving a good portion of my visual inspiration from specific directors such as the Coen Brothers, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Tim Burton, and many, many others.

I’m also a coffee-shop kind of guy… if you’re a coffeeshop regular in good ol’ Joplin, you’ve probably at least seen me in passing.

Oh, you want to HIRE me?

Well if you’re thinking about booking me for your own family session, wedding, or business project- or if hey, you just want to chat-  here’s way too many options for you to do just that:

main site:

e-mail: markn[at]

phone: 417-622-1379




  1. Well, I was checking out photography studios here in joplin and yours came up and I gotta tell you dude, you’ve got some really neat portraits. I mean, I wanted a job at a photography studio (as what I did back in LA) but I guess pretty much every studio out here is privately owned, including yours. Anyway, I hope to see more of your work. I’m an aspiring photographer too. Not as good compared to many but I just love it! So there is an artistic community in Joplin? I’m still trying to find it!! haha I miss the art scene in LA. But maybe you can fill me in more about it. I really want to meet people with the same interests than I do. Peace, love, and happiness. 🙂

  2. Found your photography from Kyle Lewis. I was wondering if you ever give photography lessons? My mom is a budding photographer and I’m looking for someone who could work with her to advance her skills through lesson(s) for a birthday present.

    On a separate note, do you attend College Heights Christian Church, or have a relative that does? You share the same last name as the middle school youth minister.

    • Tera,

      I do give photography lessons. I tutor for $30 a lesson…. 6 lessons for $150. That’s funny about College Heights… as it turns out, I do attend, and also know who you’re talking about and am un-related to him, at least in immediate family! Titus’ last name is spelled exactly the same as mine, but I hadn’t met him before seeing him at College heights. He even pronounces his last name differently than mine!

  3. MARK,

    Have a son on Whiskerino ( Wheat Beard ) and saw you and your son’s pictures . I have enjoyed them and just wanted to let you know . Cam is in Nashville as I write . He said that he also enjoyed your efforts.

  4. Mr.Neuenschwander I was referd to you by another photographer. After reviewing your work I am interested in your photography services for a wedding in october. If you could get back to me at my given email address as soon as possible. Thank you for your time. – Megan Marie

    • Hi! Yes, I do senior pictures, and I’m always up for traveling/location shoots. The cost would just depend on how far I’m going. If you e-mail me at with any other questions you have, I’ll answer em’ for you!

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