christmas gifts

Oh man. I haven’t posted on the blog in…. quite some time. Not because there haven’t been things to post; rather, because there have been SO MANY things I’ve taken pictures of, I haven’t even had time to post them! A good thing in the end, I suppose. 🙂 And I promise to fix this soon and get back to blogging, as January will finally offer a chance to breeeeeeaaaaaaaathe.

Posting this as an extension of a a facebook contest I’ve had going the last few days… each day I have a ‘theme’ and am inviting folks to post pictures on the 9art wall that match that theme.

Today’s theme… christmas gifting.

both of these ornaments were gifts to me this year.

#1: a camera ornament from my wife. I love it. and her. 

#2: a 1st edition, handcrafted christmas ornament from none other than David Summerlin (a long standing icon of photography in the greater Joplin area). He put pics of several of us local photogs on an ornament, giving each of us a mustache. A move he said was inspired by me (remember our third thursday photobooth earlier this year?)… talk about flattering. Thanks David. 🙂