COLD BREWED :: episode 1 :: TODAY.


(poster design credit goes to Oscar Gonzalez).

Questions I’ve had asked lately:

‘What IS Cold Brewed?’ 

              It’s a story. inspired by film. Told in words and pictures. (no video, to those that                 

              have wondered). It is my pet project with my very good friend, Lance Schaubert.

‘how will you be releasing it?’

              in a series of weekly online ‘episodes’ over the next 3 months. 

‘when do we get to see it?’

              Starting right NOW.

I’d love to present to you, the first episode of Cold Brewed. Please spread the word, tell your friends, hit ‘like’, copy the link, tweet it, facebook it, send a telegram or two…because we are EXCITED about this story we’ve poured our heart into making and want to see it spread across the web.