Caitlin & Phil

It was a cold, cold day. The kind of day that required everyone to scrape down their windshields before they could drive from the ceremony to the reception. But there was plenty warmth inside and among the cast and crew of this big day.

Caitlin & Phil were the sweetest couple surrounded by the sweetest people. So glad to have been there, and to have had this amazing historic church as the backdrop in Carthage, MO.



It’s time.



this could be the most nervous I’ve ever seen a couple before the first sight. It was pretty cute.



sneaky sneaky.


really loved shooting in this old church.



when you see a gold radiator, you gotta use it.


an impromptu tissue paper bouquet.



I love unplanned moments that line up symmetrically.



yep. I want this car REAL bad.


yes, he is in fact 10 feet tall.



They did a fantastic job transforming the gym into a winter wonderland.



hot cocoa bar!


Senior sessions, 9art style

9art photography, seniors photographer- alex's senior session019art photography, seniors photographer in Joplin MO- Cameron's senior session05

I honestly don’t work with a lot of (high school) seniors. It’s not that I WON’T or that I don’t enjoy it.  It’s that I don’t advertise it… there’s a lot of folks who do feature it as their own niche, and are doing a fantastic job with it. 

    So when I DO have a senior come my way, I know there’s one specific thought on their mind; they want something different. They sought me out for that, and we run from there.

    I’m featuring my 2 most recent senior sessions, both guys, and they were both VERY excited about their sessions… which, let’s be honest, it’s s a little rarer for the male species to be excited about having their pictures taken (that includes myself). 

     The two are also very different from each other… I think it’s fun to contrast different personalities & interests and see how I can bring those personalities out in the images. That shows up even more placing the photos side by side. 

   First off… Alex. 

9art photography, seniors photographer- alex's senior session039art photography, seniors photographer- alex's senior session02

9art photography, seniors photographer- alex's senior session12

Alex’s passion is, unquestionably, music. Cello, bassoon, and guitar are in his arsenal. While watching him lug these things on the shoot, I asked if he wished at that moment he played something smaller… like harmonica. 

9art photography, seniors photographer- alex's senior session04

9art photography, seniors photographer- alex's senior session05

Alex doesn’t stop at playing. He also composes and conducts. This brought some fun imagery to mind, and when I told him my idea, I think he got more excited about an idea than I’ve probably ever seen a senior get… an idea that resulted in this photo:

9art photography, seniors photographer- alex's senior session06

Its one my favorites from images I’ve captured this year.

how’d we do it? His mom & sister, standing on either side, throwing papers in the air for about 30 takes until we got that shot where they all landed perfect. (take THAT, photoshop). I was seriously afraid everyone would get really sick of me telling them to do it over and over, but everybody was just so excited about getting the shot they got caught up in the moment. So fun.

9art photography, seniors photographer- alex's senior session07

flipped to a different setting and more casual outfit for a less dressed up Alex:

9art photography, seniors photographer- alex's senior session08 9art photography, seniors photographer- alex's senior session09 9art photography, seniors photographer- alex's senior session10

9art photography, seniors photographer- alex's senior session11


Cameron’s passion is athletics. The man runs, lifts, and plays football like nobody’s business. I already had a chance to work with Cameron and his family earlier this year when I took pictures of them at their home in Carthage. We headed out to the schools to get these shots in the weightlifting room and on the field. 

9art photography, seniors photographer in Joplin MO- Cameron's senior session019art photography, seniors photographer in Joplin MO- Cameron's senior session02

…a little modeling inspiration from ‘zoolander’… for Cameron’s goofy side. 

9art photography, seniors photographer in Joplin MO- Cameron's senior session03

the flock of birds. sheer good luck finished out the epicness of this image…

9art photography, seniors photographer in Joplin MO- Cameron's senior session7

Wanted to find a unique way to capture the field. I like this one… fall colors popping in as a bonus!

9art photography, seniors photographer in Joplin MO- Cameron's senior session06

9art photography, seniors photographer in Joplin MO- Cameron's senior session08

nature! It was cool to be able to head out to the woods where Cameron spent a good chunk of his childhood on his family’s property. I have some forest areas like that back at MY ol’ homestead…

9art photography, seniors photographer in Joplin MO- Cameron's senior session09 9art photography, seniors photographer in Joplin MO- Cameron's senior session10 9art photography, seniors photographer in Joplin MO- Cameron's senior session11

9art photography, seniors photographer in Joplin MO- Cameron's senior session12

If you’re graduating this coming year… and are ALSO looking for something a little different… well let’s do this. 🙂


FALL SPECIALS (w/ a side of awesome sauce)

     It’s nearly fall. There’s something in the air. Something that makes people stop and say ‘oh crap, we need to get some family pictures done!’ That might not be your exact wording, but admit it, you’ve thought something like this. 

Or maybe… you’re a lovely lady whose wedding happens to be next year. You are either 

           a). about to get engaged                                                                                              

           b). ARE engaged (congrats!)

and it’s about that time to start planning things out for the big day in 2012. 

 Well I’ve got something for both categories! Listed out below are some fall goodies for those who have been thinking about booking 9art but have been waiting for that little incentive. If you have questions about anything or would like to jump on it and book, you can e-mail or call 417.622.1379. 


Note:: These specials only available to those who do not currently have a session booked with 9art. 



If you are a 2012 bride and you book by November 1st, 2011, you have access to some special pricing. 9art offers a range of packages to suit your budget and needs… there are also some newer offerings we’d like to let you know about. Here’s a couple of fun add-ons we are offering for a limited time only:


#1: 1/2 off 2nd shooter! We ordinarily offer a ‘2nd shooter’ as an add on for your day at a rate of $1000; until November 1st, we are slashing the price in half and offering it for $500. That’s essentially 2 photographers for the price of one… and Allyson Neely, our 2nd shooter, does a fantastic job…. we promise she is well worth it. 🙂

 what does a second shooter entail? E-mail me and I’ll be happy to elaborate. 

#2: free engagement session + 25 free wedding invitations (sweeeet 5 x 7 cards featuring clever design, the vital info for guests, & of course, your engagement pics). 


AND…. If you commit to packages 3 or 4, I’ll take $300 off the normal package price!

»»» Take a look at wedding packages & pricing HERE



I love families, and I want to cut you guys a deal too. So here’s a couple of fun offerings for families that book their session for a date that falls between October 15th & November 15th:


        #1:  $100 off any family package!

        #2:  new 6 x 6 ‘brag books’ only $65 (ordinarily $150) w/ purchase of 8 x 8 (book 

               or family package). These things make awesome gifts!

        #3:  book a mini portrait session for your kid(s) (20 minutes of camera time, in or 

               out of studio) and only pay $20 sitting fee! Perfect if you want just a couple 

               of great portraits of your kiddo, or maybe shots featuring their oh-so-cute 

               halloween costume!

»»» Take a look at family packages & pricing HERE

Joe + Kara :: July 2, 2011

      I truly love the uniqueness of each new wedding I shoot. Each wedding has its’ own pace, its’ own feel, its’ own look. The retro style of Joe & Kara’s day was so fresh and fun to capture on this quiet summer day.

The ceremony took place in the old church on the premises of an entire village of (authentic) vintage buildings, cars & props moved in by an area collector in Carthage, Missouri. The look of the town was perfectly matched by Kara’s own choices in decoration- bright 50s colors (subtle variations of red white and blue), pinwheels, and an awesome vintage-style wedding dress.

Joe and Kara are just great people too. So sweet. Enjoy the shots and keep an eye on the 9art facebook page for a larger preview in the next week or two!

Groom’s idea to do a ‘getting to the church on time’ shot… fun.


renea & nate :: maternity

     I first met Renea last year, when I worked what is, so far, the most random job of my photographic career. Taking pictures of apartment complexes for a local management company (for whom Renea worked)… over 90 properties total, in every small town imaginable within a 4 hour radius of Joplin, MO. Renea was the lighthouse-over-a-phone during that crazy month or so, guiding me to where I needed to be every time I ended up in some sketchy spot in nowhere, midwest and realized my mapquest directions were totally off. 

     Now that I’m back to normal work… you know, taking pictures of people, not places- Renea is herself in front of the camera along with her hubby Nate, in eager anticipation of their little baby girl. It’s getting close!

    Renea and nate are both, simply put, awesome people… maybe I’m biased because of our shared love for spongebob, but these people are just really sweet and funny. My kinda people. Can’t wait to photograph their new addition when she comes along in a few weeks, and to keep coming back to spend time with this family over the course of the baby’s 1st year plan and beyond.