photobooth marriage proposal!

    Aaron called me a few weeks back and set something in motion that is, without a doubt, the coolest thing to happen yet at the photo booth. 

    The plan was, he’d sneakily take his girlfriend Emily to the art walk. Then he’d sneakily walk past the 9art photo booth. ‘Let’s check this out!’ he’d say. (And she ended up thinking that going in was HER idea).

They’d stand in line just like everyone else, take a regular pic or two (in our film-noir theme we had going for third thursday, in celebration of our ‘cold brewed’ series)…


then, Aaron would ask me, ‘do you  mind if we snap a quick picture without the costumes?’

I’d say ‘sure’, and then… 








congratulations, Aaron & Emily… and thanks so much to Aaron for letting me be a part of the experience!

Alyssa & Garen

  Garen attended Mizzou university in Columbia, MO and is now an engineer. There is a strong superstition at the school. According to legend, anyone who crosses over the clover (shown below) will fall in love with an engineer.

The first time Alyssa hung out w/ Garen after high school (as friends only), he told her about this.

Her response?

To step over the clover defiantly and respond that she would never fall in love with an engineer.

They get married next April. 

Now THAT’S funny.

Hopefully this outrageous photo does this little story some justice… 


Alyssa Stuart is one of those names I’ve seen pop up a million times under the ‘likes’ under photos on the 9art facebook page for the last couple of years. 

    And now, it’s HER turn to be in photos getting liked… 🙂

   I had so much fun traveling to Columbia, where Alyssa & her fiance Garen live. Self admitted nerds, these two are huge fans of everything that is beautifully geeky… so of course, I loved them. Garen was wearing his ‘thunder cats’ shoes and talked about the Delorean he’s thinking of purchasing. Alyssa talked about Harry Potter characters showing up in her dreams.

The engagement ring was even custom designed by Garen with influences from ‘Dr. Who’ & ‘Lord of the Rings’…. if you’re one of the few getting excited by knowing this, you’ll also be a little ecstatic to know that a tardis is involved in the ceremony next April.

    Had a thoroughly good time on this trip and especially on this shoot. Can’t wait for the wedding in Kansas City next year. 










ending w/ my favorite portion of the shoot…


Jessica + Caleb

    I took pictures for Jessica’s family a few years ago, and can’t believe that I’m now working out plans to shoot her wedding. It was great to meet her fiancee Caleb, especially when I discovered he is a fellow ‘Batman’ fan and brought the shirt to prove it. 

    So I ran with that….

So yeah, the rest of the session is more romantic than superhero themed… but you know…batman can be romantic too. 

Can’t wait to work with Jessica and Caleb again for their wedding and July!  

Shanon & Kyle

    Shanon & Kyle’s recent engagement shoot was more fun than I can shake a… camera… at. (‘Cept that would’ve made for blurry pictures).

    One of my favorite parts of working with a client is the part that happens before I ever pick up a camera, or before the day of the shoot even rolls around. It’s when we sit down to


     which is a thing that is easy to forget to do. But brainstorming can mean everything. When we get to take that time to collaborate and I have the opportunity to challenge my subjects to think about what makes them who they really are, great things happen. 

 This shoot basically functioned as an ongoing series in which each idea led into another, all taking place at the home that Shanon & Kyle built together.

  Hope you have fun looking through these!


it’s all lovey-dovey until the 2nd level. 


some people kind of get into it. 





we switched from Kyle’s favorite hobby to Shanon’s- painting. 


loved the silhouettes here. 

Samantha + Greg :: post marriage engagement photos?

    Sometimes, folks are already married and realize they never had the proper chance to have engagement photos taken. I’m always excited to hear from people in this situation… I very much enjoy working with couples and enjoy seeing love continue to be celebrated after the vows have already been said; whether that’s 5 decades later, or less than a year.

    These two have only been married a short while…and Greg is in the Navy, stationed in Washington DC and here for only a week on leave. I was so honored to have been contacted to take up even a small fraction of the short time they had together for this.

    To make things more interesting, I also decided to take my minivan off-roading that day and got stuck in the mud/ice. Alright, so off-roading wasn’t my real goal… I was actually location scouting and parked in a not-so-smart place to park. Samantha & Greg were very kind to come pick me up so we could do the shoot anyway, and were also brave enough to withstand the freezing temperatures and wind that day.

So thankful for clients like these. 🙂


teresa & zach

I don’t really need to say a lot about this shoot; I think it’s one where the pictures speak for themselves. I just want to say THANK YOU so much to Teresa & Zach- whose wedding I get to shoot next year- for setting up our shoot at a local airport, one of the coolest locations I’ve ever gotten to use.

AND we even lucked out in being there the evening the met life blimp was in town and hanging out at the airport… 

got a plane taking off in this shot… 

not usually a black and white guy, but MAN I love this shot like this….

can’t post this w/out a shout-out to our friend chris… w/out him, this shoot would not have been possible. Chris works at the airport moving planes around- he helped us out so much not only giving us access but also helping out w/ my lights & pulling some planes in & out for us during the evening. 

got another quick one after dark… didn’t realize the blimp lit up at night! 🙂

little bit of fun w/ night photography. 

beth & nick :: engagement

     We’re going to start with the pretty pictures. We’ll end with the dinosaur.

    I know, I know. you scrolled to the end. Well thanks for at least coming back up here to read this. It shows you care.

Anyway. the point is that Beth & Nick are pretty awesome, and I am so excited to shoot their wedding in january!! We did this session out at Beth’s family home- the road their driveway branches off of is called ‘deer lane’ and it was true to its’ name, as 4 deer meandered across the road right before I pulled in. An absolutely beautiful and peaceful property, complete with a nice little pond & dock. We started on that dock…

you can do strictly romantic pictures for only so long before that inevitable question arises… ‘where do I put my hands?!’ Not there, Nick. not there.

back to romantical. (shhh. romantical is so a word).

the shoot quickly became a night shoot… and instead of panicking that I was out of light, I thought fast and took advantage of the lighting on hand. The result was a lot more magical than I even anticipated. Love the following shots…

and lastly. the dinosaur shot. As requested by the couple… who are huge ‘Jurassic park’ fans… I did a lot of photosh…  I mean, I ran in front of the jeep and snapped pictures on the fly as a T-Rex closed in from behind. Luckily, we all escaped.

Not so luckily, you’ve learned that photoshopping T-Rexes is not my photographic specialty. Really, in the end, I’m ok with that.  

PS- side note… I just had to point out that the couple is actually NOT photoshopped onto this background. the lighting just makes it look that way. weird? weird. 

Beverly + Dillon :: engagement

      So…. my clients are awesome. For reals. What makes Dillon & Beverly awesome? Well they bribed me, for one. They gave me this tomato plant. How awesome is that? Told you.

Ok, so they’re not just awesome because they bribed me. It was also nice to share some great laughs and get to know these two better. 

The couple has a fantastic garden- of which I’m more than a little jealous- and of course we started there. We moved into stealing a few blackberries from the neighbors’ yard (the neighbors weren’t picking any, someone had to!) getting some shots in front of their lovely home, and then exploring downtown bentonville. Such a great night, and I really enjoyed hanging out in bentonville for the evening.

I might’ve said this a time or two before after an engagement session… but I can’t wait for the wedding! 🙂

so guilty….

ended it with a not-so-typical ring shot… love it!!!

Sarah & Cody :: engaged

     My ideal shoot will always produce an even mix of beautiful, quirky, and just plain ridiculous.

I think it goes back to my love for movies. Many of my favorite directors… The Coen brothers, Tim Burton, Sam Raimi… are equally capable of incredible, epic, and stunningly beautiful storytelling & imagery- but also campy, over-the-top playfulness. My top movies from such directors are often an unlikely blend of both… some quirky, unlikely hilarious moments as well as fantastic imagery and a great story.

Not that I don’t admire directors that specialize in just one style or another- from the silliness of director Jared Hess (napoleon dynamite, nacho libre), who still tells a silly story with amazing imagery, by the way- to the dark, moody, labyrinth storytelling that Christopher Nolan (the Dark Knight, Inception) is such a genius with. But when a filmmaker, or really any storyteller, can accomplish both silliness & beauty in the same story, I have a special respect for that, and hope to achieve something of the same feat in my own (much more sub par) storytelling efforts.

Sorry for the ramble- especially sorry to Sarah & Cody, whom this post is ACTUALLY about. All this to leads up to the fact that wonderful clients like this couple, inspire me in multiple ways- from the sweetness of their own special relationship, to the meaningful setting that they came to me with, to the wonderful sense of fun that they possess.

In this case, that sense of fun meant matching wolf T-shirts. (YES). It also meant Sarah giving me the idea to do the shoot in a lost little town called Cato, KS, which her family is closely tied to. Only 2 buildings and a bridge remain- but they perfectly set the tone for this amazing session.

Sarah & Cody- as well as all my other awesome clients- you inspire me. Can’t wait for the wedding! 


Lauren + Aaron :::: engaged!!!

    ‘So I know this may sound stupid, but I have an idea’. 

   When I am talking with a client about their shoot and this is their opening sentence, I always get excited. Why? Because they have an idea. And I love that. Just that.

When you, the client, see the shoot as a collaboration, a chance to be creative, to have fun, to let your personality shine through, things are going to go so well and we are going to have such a blast, every time. 

     Lauren & Aaron are, of course, my latest example of what I’m talking about… Lauren had envisioned a cool outdoor bohemian sort of setup with a makeshift tent scene. I loved the idea and how it turned out. Besides that, these two are just really easy people to be around. Can’t wait to shoot their wedding reception in August!

     Which brings me to my 2nd point of this post… a sweet new approach to ‘save-the’dates’ and wedding invitations. A couple of these photos feature the fun new graphic overlays which I’m using to make invitations with, rather than a specific and more rigid template. There are plenty more of them and it’s going to be fun customizing each new couple’s cards!