Brennon picked his own spot for this shoot, and I’m so happy that he did. We met up on some family farm property just outside of Golden City, Missouri—  the rustic scenery combined with a spectacular sky and a beautiful classic car made for some photographic magic. (Is that a song? It should be if it isn’t.)

Tessa and people she’s related to….

Remember Tessa? Well she’s back… or rather, I came back, to good ol Nevada Missouri to meet the whole family! Guess she’s used to me by now; she didn’t mind being front and center for some of the shots (the first shown here, especially) and got a lot of teasing from both me and the family. It was a lot of fun working with the parents and grandparents. They’re a very likable family, all around!

john and cody

John and Cody are one of my favorite all time couples. They are also some of my oldest friends– in fact, we were all in theater together during my college days. (yes, I was in theater. enough on that subject). John and Cody were the subjects of my first ever engagement session and one of my first weddings. It had been a couple of years since we did any pictures together, so I drove on up to Nevada, Missouri to shoot them and to do a family shoot with some friends of theirs. As usual, their expressiveness (Cody is a professional storyteller, by the way) made them excellent subjects.


Tessa, a resident of Nevada, Missouri, wanted her senior pictures to be completely unique. This wasn’t hard… I couldn’t imagine taking the same ol’ posed pictures with her as the subject! Her sense of humor shined through as the shoot went on and we had a blast along the way!!