Makenzie & Nate wedding

Mackenzie & Nate are lovely people with a fuller reception that I’ve seen in some time. When this many people show up to your wedding and reception (record observed number of simultaneous “cupid shuffle” dancers for me), you’ve gotta be good people. Or famous. I don’t think they’re famous. So that seems to answer what kind of people they are… 😉

Enjoy perusing this set from the day!

Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0001Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0002Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0003Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0004Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0005Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0006Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0007Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0008Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0009Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0010Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0011Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0012Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0013Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0014Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0015Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0016Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0017Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0018Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0019Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0020Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0021Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0022Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0023Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0024Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0025Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0026Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0027Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0028Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0029Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0030Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0031Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0032Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0033Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0034Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0035Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0036Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0037Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0038Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0039Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0040Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0041Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0042Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0043Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0044Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0045Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0046Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0047Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0048Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0049Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0050Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0051Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0052Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0053Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0054Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0055Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0056Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0057Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0058Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0059Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0060Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0061Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0062Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0063Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0064Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0065Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0066Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0067Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0068Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0069Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0070Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0071Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0072Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0073Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0074Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0075Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0076Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0077Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0078Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0079Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0080Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0081Mackenzie & Nate 9art joplin mo wedding_0082


    I was sitting in the coffeeshop looking at the snow earlier this week, when it hit me: I’d be kind of lame, after complaining about not having snow all winter, if I didn’t go shoot something in this. 

     So I threw up an impromptu invite on the 9art facebook page and set up a couple of snow-romping-mini-shoots to celebrate the white stuff. We’ll open with the Fishers… Campbell, Kimberly, & little Truman.




this one cracks me up… if you know Campbell at all, you know he can be a little ridiculous… and when I asked if they would sit in the snow (which Kimberly promptly did) Campbell asked if THIS pose would work so he didn’t have to get his pants wet…



Next up is Jordan… she’d already done some of her senior pictures, but couldn’t resist the opportunity to take a few more in the snow after her aunt (the lovely Sarah) let her know about the special I was running.





 Hope YOU enjoyed the snow too, this week… talk to you all soon! 


Samantha + Greg :: post marriage engagement photos?

    Sometimes, folks are already married and realize they never had the proper chance to have engagement photos taken. I’m always excited to hear from people in this situation… I very much enjoy working with couples and enjoy seeing love continue to be celebrated after the vows have already been said; whether that’s 5 decades later, or less than a year.

    These two have only been married a short while…and Greg is in the Navy, stationed in Washington DC and here for only a week on leave. I was so honored to have been contacted to take up even a small fraction of the short time they had together for this.

    To make things more interesting, I also decided to take my minivan off-roading that day and got stuck in the mud/ice. Alright, so off-roading wasn’t my real goal… I was actually location scouting and parked in a not-so-smart place to park. Samantha & Greg were very kind to come pick me up so we could do the shoot anyway, and were also brave enough to withstand the freezing temperatures and wind that day.

So thankful for clients like these. 🙂


baby Truman; the story we haven’t told

   Some of you that keep up with my work- or know me personally- may recognize this couple:

They are old friends of mine, Campbell & Kimberly Fisher. There is, however, a THIRD member of their little family you HAVEN’T seen… even though I’ve been taking pictures of him for the last year. He’s been referred to as ‘baby K’, his identity somewhat protected until now since he has been in the foster care program, w/ the Fishers serving as his temporary guardians since he was just a few days old. 

The word ‘temporary’ bites the dust today. In fact, as of RIGHT NOW, the Fishers are officially baby K’s parents; having legally adopted him after a very long, anxious wait to be able to do so.

Now that it is official, I have the very great pleasure of being able to show you a few shots from sessions over the last few months that I haven’t been able to display until now. 

So, so, overjoyed & excited for my friends on this day as they are able to make their family complete. 

And baby K, henceforth, can be known by his official adopted name; Truman Kade Fisher.  





extreme makeover: home edition… The Howards

    Meet the Howards. I had the extreme (not too subtle, am I) privilege of working with these folks today. Not only are they just some great people, they are one of the 7 families who received the news today that they would have a brand new home built for them by Extreme Makeover: Home edition.

You can see the video of them receiving the news here on the abc news website.

It was a huge honor for me to be chosen by extreme makeover as one of the family photographers for the project; and it is so exciting to see this as well as 6 other very deserving families receive homes in what is the show’s largest endeavor by far.

The episode featuring Joplin will be Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’s 200th show. The amount of energy & volunteers being poured into the project is absolutely incredible as those involved race literally around the clock to build 7 homes in 7 days. 

Congratulations to the Howards- Kyle, Jill, Keenan, Konnor, Korbin, & Kaleb. 

Laney’s 1st year :: session 1

    You met little Bennett a few months ago… well now he has a baby sister every bit as cute.  So excited to be working with the Robertsons as their family grows. These folks have been through a lot this year, having gone through the tornado and having been forced to bring the baby back home to a hotel rather than a home; but they are so sweet and their attitude so thankful as they re-settle into a new house. I am very glad to know them. 

Of course, the shoot was supposed to be all about Laney (now 2 months old), but a 2 year old isn’t always the best at staying out of the limelight… so hey there’s a few new pictures of Bennett as well. Enjoy!

EF5:: chapter 3 (still standing)

     I have been documenting the aftermath of the joplin tornado in several different ways. You can see what I’ve been up to in the posts so far:

EF5 :: part 2

EF5 :: part 1

Today’s entry isn’t anything strikingly new… just some of the landscapes that make up our town now, highlighting the surreal nature of what remains.

people’s belongings still remain to be claimed on many lots.

the following two shots are great examples of the crazy ‘all that was left standing…’ examples you see around town now that houses are getting cleared and bits of structure remain.

as always… no matter how bad things look, people always find a way to create hope in the rubble.

2010’s TOP 10

    Those of you that follow me on facebook (what? you’re not a fan on facebook? well hop on over here!) know that I’ve been having a ‘vote for the best of 2010’ contest going on… I put MY 100+ fave photos from the last year into 4 categories; couples, weddings, seniors, and families. I then let the fans vote for their top 2 picks from each album. 

    The votes ended yesterday; here’s the results, pulled together into one best-of-the-best (of my work, not of the photography world in general… I’m not that bigheaded…) mini-album.

     enjoy; 9art’s BEST of 2010!

Jessica & Chris

       Meet Jessica & Chris…a couple very much in love. We met up just outside the studio for this shoot and stayed downtown for the duration. These two were sad that they had to miss last months’ costume theme, so I said why not do it anyway? So after the outside shots, we wandered back up to the studio and did a few shots of the two just being goofy in pirate and superhero garb. I’m ALWAYS up for a little goofiness in pictures… 🙂