baby Olivia :: session 4

    Another baby’s 1st year package comes to a close…. doesn’t feel like it’s been a whole year since I started working with little Olivia. I feel much better about wrapping up the package with the thought that we’re not really done… Olivia has a little sibling on the way, so I’ll be back for more pictures in no time. 🙂

    And for you photo-happy technical followers… there’s a little something for you down closer to the bottom of this post. 

The following 2 images really display the balance I try to achieve between natural light 
& off camera flash; both of which I’m in love with… depending on the setting.

#1: Obviously, it’s all off-camera-flash here. w/out that pop of light on little Olivia, she’d either be real dark, or to bring her into the light, the gorgeous city backdrop would be blown out. Long live OCF! 

#2: Here’s a totally different look, within a few feet of the last shot; but when keeping in mind the difference in the subject (a more tender moment, lighter outfit), the difference in the backdrop (the beautiful trees back there weren’t in full sun, therefore not as bright) & even the direction of the subject (her facing a different way meant the light reflected on her in a different way… the light structure below her acted more as a big reflector here…), it led to a completely different approach; no flash needed. In fact, I think flash on these shots would have just been overkill. 

It’s a delicate balance, playing the strobist way of lighting without letting it get in the way of pre-existing light that can be magic all on its’ own. A balance I’m constantly working on when I shoot. 

What are your thoughts on lighting, photogs?


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