Cold Brewed

    Alright. So if you follow me on facebook or twitter, you may know that I’ve been hinting around at a big project coming up. It’s time for the official announcement!

     I haven’t done a ‘personal’ (non commissioned) project in at least 3 years. But in that time, I’ve been dreaming of having time to do a series just for the fun of it. That time has come…whether I have time or not, I’m doing it.

     The idea stemmed from a series of photos I did 6 years ago for a ridiculous site called whiskerino (an online beard growing competition. don’t ask). I wanted to pay tribute to the old film noir movies, complete with seedy characters, lots of shadowy lighting, and a good mystery.

   The first time I did it- well, for starters, I cast myself as the main character and that was a terrible idea…   (yes, this is me…)


Now I have the opportunity to do it again, with a better idea of what I’m doing, and I’m beyond excited.

  • First and foremost, I’m excited because the series is a collaboration with the one and only Lance Schaubert, my good friend and the best author I know.I gave Lance my idea… a coffee themed film noir…and he ran with it, crafting a story better than I could have hoped for. You will gasp…you will laugh…it’s great.
  • The series will be created as a text and picture combo, released in weekly installments on this website. If all goes well, it will be released as an exclusive iPad app. We’re still smack dab in the shooting phase, so stay tuned for more info
  • To keep abreast of the most recent developments & to catch some fun outtakes as we go, I recommend you become a fan of the ‘Cold Brewed’ facebook page

Can’t wait to show you!


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