Cassandra and Geoff

I think this picture might go on the ‘about’ page of my site as a self portrait, at the suggestion of my wife. đŸ™‚

Cassandra & Geoff got married right here in Joplin this past Saturday. Between Geoff being in the military & Cassandra having been in highschool until her graduation a month or two back, these two had a lot to work through to get this wedding planned- but it all came together absolutely beautifully. I had a LOT of fun at this wedding, taking pictures of great people in great locations. What really made this wedding a breeze (figuratively- literally, it was actually pretty stinkin’ hot that day-) was the help of my friend Oscar, who tagged along to assist & watch me at work. This was my first time with an ‘assistant’ (you can tell I’m still not used to it, hence my use of quotation marks) and dare I say it, an assistant sure made things easier. Thanks so much to Oscar for manuvering my umbrella and carrying equipment all day in the heat, and thanks to the very gracious couple & family.


  1. I’m speechless every time I look at these! The pics look like magazine covers and my son and his new bride look like models!

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