Joplin Regional business journal :: a new endeavor

The Joplin Regional Business journal was recently purchased by new owners Larry & Mikell Warren, and has undergone a HUGE (and awesome) overhaul. More modern design, glossy front & back cover, and the next change… well, that’s where I come in.

Chris Roberts- a former employee of the journal who was brought back in as a consultant- told me the journal was looking for a new cover photograph, each issue, that would catch folks’ attention and perfectly accompany the new, more stylish feel. I am so honored to be brought in not just for a shoot, but for a regular relationship with this publication.

Here’s the new cover.. and you can see why I’m excited… photo on the front, ad on the back. 🙂


The ad is a success only because of the brilliance (and kindness) of good friends: Lance for writing a very punny tagline, Matt for the design. These guys are awesome.

now a closer look at the photo:


And then here’s the behind-the-scenes… thanks to Carole from the journal for getting a picture of ME to prove I stood on the city hall roof to get this shot instead of photoshopping the background in as someone, somewhere, may or may not have insinuated… 😉


Here’s Carrie & Donna from the CVB, who were kind enough to help out holding my umbrella even though it wasn’t one of their shoots.

And, Carrie was there to remind me of an old truth that she likes to state… ‘It’s not a real shoot if Mark doesn’t stand on something’.


And a couple of the outtakes, just to show that the sky was just as pretty as the buildings that day. 🙂



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