Venturellas, Danners, & Bosley’s :: one of those magnificent megafamily shoots!













I’ve worked with most of these folks before, and was certainly excited about the opportunity to do it again. It didn’t dissapoint… I really, really love what we got from this colorful (that applies literally AND to the personalities involved) sunset-into-nighttime shoot.

I’ve known the Venturellas since little Roman was just a tiny guy. Christina was one of 9art’s first loyal clients…back when my work…kinda… well, it sucked. She and her husband DJ were some of the first to believe in me, and for that, I’ll be forever thankful. Since then, Roman has gotten huge and his little sister  Kendall is equally adorable. If you need an AWESOME hair stylist, look Christina up at ‘styles’ salon here in Joplin.


Aimee is Christina’s sister, and her lively bunch always keep me entertained. Her husband Tracy has an ornery sense of humor that is always very appreciated by me (even those moments when not 100%…appropriate…) and their 4 beautiful daughters have inherited quite a bit of that fun spark as well. The Danners were generous enough to open up their property for the shoot, where they have a pond, a lovely little forest, and several vintage cars sitting around which made for perfect settings. We kept with the ‘old car’ theme we had for our last shoot, back when we used a family member’s bright orange classic with an alley as our background.


and let’s not forget the Bosleys… the parents who started it all. They still got it! 🙂


the rest of the post is just a few of my favorites from working with the individuals as well as the whole group.









I love Roman’s ‘serious face’ on the right…


























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