best of #santabooth (funniest santa ever)


The following is a selection of my very favorite shots from #santabooth… in which we took some elements of the the traditional ‘santa photos’ setup, then turned them on their head with  a goofy photobooth feel, to create a beautiful (and sometimes hilarious) new thing.

We couldn’t have done it without Larry, our santa… I think you’ll agree, after looking through these and seeing how well he plays along, he’s pretty much the best santa claus ever.

I’m going to start with this shot. Because, it makes me laugh every time I look at it (and hope it does you, too).

I’m going to follow that up with this mini-series of babies crying, and Santa joining in on the frustration with the the sometimes terrifying sit-on-santa’s-lap tradition.


ok, ok, there were happy babies too.


(‘whats in this cookie’?)


whole families got in on the fun.


things got a little dark and weird at times.


whole families wore matching pajamas.


Dad’s sweater gave him some ‘tude.


A local restaurant payed tribute to Bill Murray.

2b low res

Super cute things happened (this shot is, believe it or not, unposed)


we did our best to compete with the viral santa/sleeping baby picture with our own sleeping baby…


someone brought a kitten and a puppy. YES, BOTH.






Santa is my BRO. (Coca Cola, care to buy this shot)?


Dusty’s had a long holiday already and is rapidly heading for the naughty list.


Awaiting approval.


He’s the best santa. He lays his finger aside of his nose and everything (not inside it).


your santa wouldn’t do this.



many, many thanks to:

– Traders’ church, for graciously providing our downtown location
-Larry Griffith, for being an all around fantastic Santa
-the Downtown Joplin Alliance, and, specifically Zach Bozeman for being my hearth-heaver & cashier
-Simply Vintage, for supplying part of our set
-Countryside florist, for providing our Christmas tree
-Drew Kimble, for helping with the planning phase

One comment

  1. The pictures of Santa were great!!!! Santa really did some great shots with the children and the Adults all of the pictures were so real and very enjoyable to see!! Have a great Christmas Mr. Santa see you next year!!!

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