my sister

So my sister Veronica is now a senior… and you know what that means. She needed some pictures. veronica is a unique soul and didn’t want senior pictures that would possibly resemble anyone elses’… so I shot these at her home and approached the shoot as if it were for a magazine rather than for a yearbook or local mall-kiosk senior photography display. We were both very happy with the results, flamingos and all, and had a lot of fun too. I was so happy, I might add, that I don’t think I’m going to ever approach a senior shoot as if it were just for a yearbook again!








  1. What a gorgeous redhead. You’re a beautiful young woman Veronica. The pictures have personality.

  2. Awesome Mark! These are some of the best senior pictures I’ve seen, I bet she loves them. I can’t believe she’s a senior! I remember the little “Strawberry” from when she was just in elementary school, good grief I’m getting old!

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