Venturellas:: in the studio!

     I’m still getting used to shooting in an actual, for real studio. It’s not easy.

     Many photographers start with a studio and don’t know how to work with ambient light once they step out of it. I am the exact reverse.

I have shot weddings, seniors, babies, families, maternity, creepy dolls, corporate group pictures, t- shirt models, cars, college professors, weather, movie-set production photos and cows without setting foot in a studio. I’ve actually worked ‘on location’ for so long now, that getting a studio scared me. Suddenly I go from having my pick of backgrounds, and as much space as I want to move around in and light from- to having an enclosed space; one background, comprised of a roll of white paper, and no natural light. To a photographer who has worked in hundreds of different situations each involving completely different light, a studio is TERRIFYING.

     This shoot, with my very faithful clients the Venturellas, marks me stepping out of that fear and beginning to feel in my element here in the studio setting. I still have so much to learn and a whole lot of experimenting to do as I take some time to admire those that have ‘conquered’ studio lighting (aka my photo-man-crush zack arias). But in the meanwhile, here are some shots, in the new studio I am thankful to have, that I am pretty proud of.

     Thanks to the Venturellas for being patient with me as I fiddled with my flash & tried a few things as we went… and a pre-emptive congrats on the new baby girl that the little family will be enjoying next year. And thanks to you readers for being patient with me as a rambled at you for awhile.

     I’m starting this off with some of my favorites, as usual from the unplanned shots… little Roman kept finding a way to sneak into the photo, whether he was supposed to be in it or not. 🙂

I’m also excited to have snuck my outrageous 70s salon chair into the shoot… as Christina is an (awesome) hairdresser, I told her she might be the only client for whom the chair would be fitting.

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