new ad campaign

Thanks to bluestream– a local company specializing in digital advertising in southwest missouri- 9art has recently has had the opportunity to put up some awesome local advertising. These ads are on flatscreen TV’s all around the area… 30+ screens in Joplin & Springfield, with locations including Oasis Salon & Day Spa, Harley Davidson Hideout, Hacketts’ Hot Wings, & Tropical Tan. 

But my main thanks goes to two of the most talented guys I know- who also happen to be 2 of my best friends in the world- Lance Schaubert & Matt Spiel.

Matt, (coincidentally) is actually pictured in the first ad with his crying wife and child. He’s responsible for the design & layout of the ads, as well as having been the original designer of the 9art logo. 9art LOOKS cool because of Matt.

Lance, my partner in crime on Cold Brewed, gave me the words I was missing for these… he came up with some perfect tag lines to fit the general spirit of 9art. 9art SOUNDS cool because of Lance.

Here’s the campaign (in its’ natural environment…)



harleydavidson, oasis, hacketts


the ads themselves:  





The pictures chosen, words used, & design of these ads perfectly encompass what 9art is all about.  Be on the lookout for them around town!

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