9art NEWS:: part 1

Hey there. How’s your summer going?

Sometimes, in the middle of all the craziness, it’s time to stop, slow down, and take stock. That’s what I’m doing over the next week and a half. And as I’m taking the time to do that, I want to fill you guys in on the latest… we have news that will make you cry, that will make you cheer, and that may just make you open up your e-mail window right now and drop us a line.

(that line could be angry, or it could be excited. I guess we’ll see).

This post will focus on what’s coming up. I only have one spot of bad news, so I’m going to pattern this post after the ‘compliment sandwich’ formula.

If you’re not sure what a compliment sandwich is, it’s ok.  Here’s a picture I took of someone making a sandwich.


#1:  Mini-session special!

We are running a BACK-TO-SCHOOL SPECIAL for week after next: there will be TWO DATES available for 9art mini sessions, featuring your favorite little (or even medium) one. Because let’s face it, school photos are lame. Real lame. We want you to do better than that…

  • 15 minute session
  • 2yr olds thru-16 yr olds
  • these will focus on individual portraits, but we’ll probably let you sneak a sibling or two in. Parents will not be included in   these sessions, however.
  • two windows to schedule a session:

THURSDAY, AUG 29, between 3pm & 8pm  ///  SATURDAY, AUG 31, between 8am & 5pm

  • sitting fee is just $20
  • better book your slot now… these may be gone in a hurry. 🙂

#2: *cough*nophotobooththismonth*cough

I realize this is an announcement we should’ve made sooner…. we are NOT participating in August third thursday.  Some of you have already known about this (especially those who have been attending long enough to know we generally DO take August off from 3TH), but for those who had no idea this was coming- and were really looking forward to it- I’m sorry.

Why? We need a break. 🙂 We need to recharge. August is our month to BREATHE before the madness of fall sets in; and especially since we haven’t had much of a chance to breathe just yet this month, it’s time for a little rest.

But guess what? We WILL be back, full force, in September. What’s the theme ? Well we won’t give any clues just yet, but you might get your capes ready… 😉

#3:  Special for full sessions announced next week!

For those of you thinking about booking full sessions for september & october…. it’s time to act soon.  That’s always our busiest time of year and now is the time we start filling the calendar. Think it over this week, then stay tuned for another special in that direction NEXT week.

More news coming up soon… but next time, more of what we’ve been up to, not what we’re planning next…


  1. Can I get a back 2 school Sat. Aug. 31 sometime after 10am? I have two heading back but can they get pics together? I also need to pick up a third thurs. order from you. Thanks much-Jessica

    • Jessica,

      good to hear from you! We had tried calling you about that order and I think I must have had the wrong number on file for you. We do indeed have your print…if you could e-mail me or the 9art FB page and let us know when you’re free to drop by to get it, we’ll get you set up!

      And yes, do you have a specific time slot in mind for the 31st?

      • You tell me what’s open and we’ll be there w/bells on. You had the right # we just got back in town from vacation. Thanks!

  2. Jessica, you are welcome to pick it up then, or before. Can I get back to you on the ‘where’? Still ironing out details…

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